Re: JAA certification of Boeing 737NG

Date:         04 May 98 02:20:34 
From: (Malcolm Weir)
Organization: Little to None
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On 26 Apr 98 03:44:25 , (Tarver Engineering) caused to
appear as if it was written:

>>As a follow-up to the recent discussion of JAA certification of the Next
>>Generation Boeing 737s, in which accusations that the JAA had refused to
>>certify the 737-700 were refuted, readers may wish to note that the JAA has
>>now certified the 737-800 as well. See

>Why are you changing the subject?

Given that the subject is the certification of B737NGs, I find it hard to
agree that a statement that both the -700 and -800 have been certified is a
different subject!

>It is now obvious that Boeing has
>no intention of making larger over wing exit doors.

True.  They instead created a exit system that opened significantly faster
than the traditional mechanism, and persuaded the JAA that what counts is
not some numbers on a requirements document, but how quickly you can
evacuate the aircraft...

>  Cutting twelve
>feet off the fuselage is obviously not a reference to the 737-700.  If
>the 737-900 comes through with no change, then the JAA will have
>damaged Boeing with regulatory nonsense.  Even with changes to the
>-900 there will be questions about JAA's motivations.

Huh?  The 737-900 will be certificated to the same number of passengers as
the -800.  All that will change is that those passengers can be arranged in
a two-class, instead of a high-density, configuration...