Re: A330/A340 Conversions

Date:         04 May 98 02:20:21 
From:         Pete Mellor <>
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On 26 Apr 1998, Gitaj wrote:
> I am curious know if an A330 can be converted into an A340 or vice-versa.

Well, you could add a couple of engines and change the fuselage! :-)

There is a certain commonality of design. I believe the same basic
wing design is used and other bits are similar, which streamlines
production, but they are very different beasts, intended for very
different routes.

One important similarity, however is that the flight control
systems on the two aircraft are deliberately designed to give
them almost identical handling characteristics and enable the
cockpit designs to be virtually the same also. (The most noticeable
difference is that the A340 has four thrust control levers,
and the A330 only two.) This makes it easy to convert the pilots
(not the aircraft) from one model to the other.

Pete Mellor
Centre for Software Reliability, City University, London