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Date:         26 Apr 98 03:45:01 
From:         UnitedSJC <>
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>1. American started SJC-NRT service w/DC-10-30s and couldn't make Tokyo
>nonstop, account runway length. Now, of course, SJC extended the runway
>and AA switched to MD-11s. What I can't remember is if the MD-11 could
>do it on the old 30L-12R runway length, or if BOTH runway extension and
>aircraft upgrade were required.

I was still in LAX in the DC10-30 days so I don't know anything about
that, but came to SJC before they extended the runway.  The MD11 could
do it on 30L but on occasion had to make a fuel stop in OAK.  I don't
think (and I could be wrong) that it could ever make it off 12R because
of a shorter useable runway length due to obstacles (downtown) 3 miles
off the runway end.  So, when wind conditions dictated the use of 12R,
AA would often sit at the end of 30L and wait for the winds to die down
enough to permit a takeoff from 30L.  I think that the max allowable
tailwind component was 5 or 6 kts.