Re: A320 emergency procedure

Date:         26 Apr 98 03:44:52 
From:         "Richard Rea" <>
Organization: ArosNet Inc.
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Trevor Fenn wrote in message ...
>Philippe Vessaire wrote:


>> we need a very long long final approch and only little actions
>> are usefull.
>Is it just me or does that sound very much like a certain DC-10 at Sioux
>Doesn't sound like a very safe amount of backup to me, but then maybe I
>expect too much.

One BIG difference between the Airbus procedure and the Sioux City DC-10:
The DC-10 was being flown entirely by the slight differences in engine
thrust giving limited control.  They hit the runway going over 300 MPH (no
flare, obviously, and I don't know about a/c geometry when it impacted the
runway) with the infamous results.  That was *no* pre-defined procedure, but
rather heroic actions on the pilots involved (a total of four were in the
cockpit, as I recall).  So the Airbus, even with limited control of the
aerodynamic surfaces, will still be flyable and can land.