Re: airliner market analysis [long]

Date:         26 Apr 98 03:44:47 
From:         "Thomas A. Beckley" <>
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>But back to the subject at hand: the 757-300 would make a truly HORRIBLE
>aircraft for use on high-volume short-haul routes.  With only one aisle,
>you'd spend longer boarding and disembarking passengers than you'd spend in
>the air!

Boeing has said this was a concern among their customers, so they did some
computer modeling of the loading and unloading procedures, an artile about
which can be found here:

Basically, they found that the 757-300 took 6.5 minutes longer to turn
around than the 757-200, and that there were ways that they could shorten it
further.  They found that using the 2 door instead of the 1 saved a minute
(I know Delta already does this on their -200's whenever possible), using
both doors saved 5 minutes (this is tough, because as someone recently
pointed out in a thread about the 777, there are very few gates with two
jetways), and using alternative loading methods could save as much as 17
minutes (window seats first, then aisle seats instead of back to front).