Lockheed Constellation to visit Europe?

Date:         26 Apr 98 03:44:43 
From:         mmitch@cix.co.uk (Michael Mitchell.)
Organization: CIX - Compulink Information eXchange
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 If all goes well, a Lockheed C-121A Constellation will visit Europe this
Summer. 'Pilot' magazine reports that it is planned to visit the Woodford
& Biggen Airshows in June, the PFA rally at Cranfield & the 'Flying
Legends' airshow at Duxford in July. Its main reason for the trip is to
attend a Berlin Airlift 50th anniversary in Germany. It is also going to
an airshow in Switzerland. The a/c is N494TW in the polished metal scheme
of the old MATS (Military Air Transport Service) of USAF.
 I look forward to seeing it, the last time I saw one flying in the UK was
in the 1950s.
           Mike Mitchell,
  Aviation Enthusiast, not a fanatic.