Re: What could replace the P-3?

Date:         26 Apr 98 03:44:37 
From: (Brian Clouse)
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If commercial airliners are safe enough with 2 engines over long
stretches of water, why would a subhunter need more?  Remember, the more
engines you have, the more likely you are to HAVE an engine failure over
the water, after which you have a serious problem no matter what.
Besides which, engine failures most commonly happen on takeoff, while
they're working the hardest.

I understand that USN P-3 crews commonly shut down the 2 outboard engines
to increase loiter time, when they've reached their patrol areas and can
reduce airspeed.  If one of them doesn't restart later, it's just a
longer ride home.

But your question was about what to replace the airframe with -- at the
hours per year the military flies, compared to the airlines, I would
think the P-3 fleet has a long life yet, as long as they keep paying
attention to corrosion.  And with the Soviet sub threat gone, there is
probably not enough of an argument for Congress to appropriate the money,