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Date:         20 Jan 98 01:29:13 
From:         "Thomas A. Beckley" <>
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>Boeing announced today it will continue to produce the MD90 but rename it
>the 717-200.  Although Boeing will beat Airbus (I believe their 100 seater
>will be called the AE317?) to the punch line by several years, the cockpit
>commonality will not be present as it is across Boeing's other products and
>as Airbus will no doubt have in their competing product when it comes to
>market.  So, the question is, will the commonality issue be a big factor
>given that the two manufacturers push it when hawking their respective

As I'm sure many other people will/have pointed out, it's the MD-95 that was
renamed, not the MD-90.

I believe that the 717-200 has three computer screens as its
instrumentation, so I would think that Boeing may be able to make the
cockpit of the 717-200 similar to its other modern aircraft with only some
minor software modifications.  This is similar to the 767-400 which is also
using these displays, and according to an official Boeing press release
(, these
screens allow commonality between its different aircraft.

Finally, the Airbus that competes directly with the 717-200 would be the
AE316.  There is also an AE317, but it is slightly larger (about 120
passengers versus 100 passengers).