Forbes Magazine on Boeing

Date:         26 Apr 98 03:44:26 
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The May 4, 1998 issue of Forbes Magazine (US Edition) has an excellent
article on Boeing and the production problems they have been fighting.
In addition to the article, there are some intersting photographs of
the production line and one in particular of the new "liftup style"
emergency doors on the 737. The article describes the process of
replacing the older style doors with the new doors. It is a major
structural modification to the airframe and had to be done to 54
airplanes that had already been manufactured.

Since there was a lot of discussion in this group as to how these
doors work, I have scanned this photo and will make it available by
email to those that are interested. As a .jpg file, it's 198K, so it
should travel by email without too much problem.