Re: Acceleration of a 747

Date:         26 Apr 98 03:44:23 
From:         "Neil Gerace" <>
Organization: TeMo Rallysport
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JWizardC wrote in message ...
>I can't give acceleration in 'G's or a specific value, but the simple
>answer is this: All commercial aircraft are certified to be able to
>accelerate to takeoff speed -> and decelerate to a stop <- within the
>confines of the runway.

Eh? V1 (decision speed) is usually less than Vr (takeoff speed). Meaning
that after acceleration past V1 to Vr it's too late to stop, and you're
committed to the air.

Depends on a lot of things like weather, weight and runway length,
though. Sometimes V1 and Vr are the same; you're correct in that case.

To answer the question though:

A good car can take less time to get to the end of a runway than an

Neil Gerace