Re: Why aren't air cabins pressurised to 1 atmosphere?

Date:         26 Apr 98 03:44:18 
From:         "Stephen Kingston" <>
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Notwithstanding the well reasoned argument against higher cabin
pressurisation, Karl Swartz wrote:

>Avoiding the minor annoyance of everyone's ears "popping" on ascent
>and descent isn't worth the tremendous cost.

My 8 year old nephew was violently sick on wednesday as the result of the
landing in Gatwick, and was in significant pain during the decent. (And when
I say violently sick, I mean it!!!)

This was more than a minor annoyance, although from a financial point of
view there is still clearly no need for airlines to fully pressurise cabins.
Nevertheless one might regret the lack of the available alternative of a sea
crossing to some destinations if one is prone to such reactions (which he
is - he is ill every time on a plane landing).

All the best,