Re: Why aren't air cabins pressurised to 1 atmosphere?

Date:         26 Apr 98 03:44:15 
From: (Bartscher)
Organization: AOL
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>Presumably it would be simple enough to hold it at 1 atmosphere in which
>case all this ear ache stuff at takeoff/landing would be eliminated?
>OK so where's the flaw in this?

The flaw in this comes when you board a plane in New York and fly to
Denver or board a plane in Los Angeles and fly to Mexico City. The air
pressure varies for different cities depending on their altitude such that
no matter what they pressurize the aircraft cabin to, your ears still have
to equilibrate.

Since there is no way around the pressure variation, there is no reason
to overbuild the cabin for 1.0 atm rather than an 8000 foot cabin altitude.

Eric Bartsch