Report on new En Route Centre (NERC) for UK ATC

Date:         26 Apr 98 03:44:13 
From:         Pete Mellor <>
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The Fourth Report by the Environment, Transport and Regional Affairs
committee of the House of Commons was printed on 27th March 1998.
It is available on:-

However, I had a problem accessing it directly using that URL,
and anyone who has difficulty might care to try the general URL ...

... and do a keyword search on "NATS", which will call up several
sections of the report including the main contents list, together
with the answers to some questions asked in parliament on the subject.

The gist of the report (which I do not have time to summarise
in any greater detail now) is that here is a classic software
disaster happening right before our eyes, and the committee have
requested an independent review with cancellation as one of the
identified options.

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