Re: 777's replacing 747-400s???

Date:         26 Apr 98 03:44:07 
From:         Andrew Cruickshank <>
Organization: OpenKast Limited
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William Chung wrote:
> I just read a brief article on CNN stating that 777s are becoming more
> attractive to carriers over the 747s.
> Is the industry replacing 747s with 777s?  I checked out Boeing's website
> and the performance of the two models are pretty much the same except
> that the 747-400s can carry about 80 or so more passengers and lift
> 100,000 more lbs.  The range on a 777 exceeds a 747 by a couple of
> hundred miles.  I know BA is using 777s on its JFK-LHR (transatlantic)
> route.  Will we be seeing 777s flying transpacific routes in the future?

777 is attractive to operate in place of 747-100 and 747-200.

Against the 747-400 it's a different matter - the 744 can haul
a lot of passengers a long way with cargo. Actual long haul
passenger configurations for a 744 are usually 400 to 425
whereas a 777-200 is more likely to be between 250 and 300.

Headline figures tend to forget that in the real world the 777
is operated in a three class configuration so it doesn't
quite make the often quoted 375 to 440 range.

If the 777 competes with the 747-400 then we will start to see
it on routes like LHR-SIN, LHR-KUL where the 747-400 is king.
The airlines flying those routes: SIA, MAS, and BA are all
committed 747-400 and 777-200IGW operators.