Re: airliner market analysis [long]

Date:         18 Apr 98 00:49:37 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <>
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H Andrew Chuang wrote:

> The A319M5, IMHO, is a very poor stop gap for Airbus.  First of all,
> the plane was optimized for a much longer range and much higher capacity
> than the intended market of the A319M5.  The plane must have extremely
> unattractive seat-mile cost.

This is a pretty safe bet ;)

>  The A319 itself is probably already has
> a relatively high unit operating cost, that's why out of more than 1,500
> A320 family aircraft ordered, less than 250 are for the baby bus.

Out of the total 1662 A320-family orders there are +- 320 A319,  1130
A320 and 214 A321. However the A320 made it's first flight on 22-Aug-87,
whereas the 319 only went to the air on 25-Aug-95. Therefore average
sales per year are 122 for the A319, 106 for the A320 and only 42 for
the A321. The 319 isn't doing a bad job. Last year it outsold the 320 by
240 to 74 ( you may check at, this year the 320
has the lead 106 to 54.

However I think that the micro-bus A318 has only a very reduced success
due to it's high costs per seat.

Marc Schaeffer, Luxembourg
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