UK/M62 - was that a DC-10 fuselage I saw?

Date:         18 Apr 98 00:49:36 
From:         Henry Law <>
Organization: None
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Driving west on the M62 from Manchester towards Liverpool this morning
(April 16th) I was amazed to see, on the back of a low-loader truck
travelling in the opposite direction on the other carriageway, the
fuselage of a large airliner.  Police outriders, blue flashing lights,
the works.  Under the circumstances I didn't get more than a glance at
it but I thought it had the upswept, "double-chin" look of a DC-10.  Can
it have been?  If not, what?  In any case, why and where from and where
to?  Perhaps one of our UK correspondents will know.

Henry Law             <><
Manchester, England