Aircraft energy consumption per passenger-km?

Date:         18 Apr 98 00:49:24 
From:         Olly Morgan <>
Organization: Scottish Agricultural College
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Can anyone provide me with some figures for energy consumption per
passenger-km for aircraft.  If you could quote sources/web-sites that
would be great.

I am looking figures taking into account only the variable consumption
(ie: excluding the energy cost of manufacture).  These could be
expressed either in (kg_of_fuel or MJ)/passenger/km.  I am interested in
the following scenarios:

 1 Short-haul flights
 2 Long-haul flights
 3 car: av. motorway figures, 1 driver and no passengers
 4 train
 5 passenger ship

Rumour has it that 1 and 3 are pretty similar.  Is this the case?

Olly Morgan
Scottish Agricultural College
Edinburgh, Scotland

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