What could replace the P-3?

Date:         18 Apr 98 00:49:16 
From:         "Neil Gerace" <geracen@wantree.com.au>
Organization: TeMo Rallysport
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First thanks to all those in rec.aviation.military who helped me make a
list of civil-military 'equivalents'.

Now, consider a hypothetical situation where the RAAF had the money to
replace its venerable P-3C Orion ASW planes with some new model. Say it
wanted to convert an exisiting but up-to-date airliner to fill the role.

Now my question is, which one? In my 'International Dictionary of Civil
Aircraft' which purports to list every type of civil plane still in
service -- the Lockheed Electra which the P-3 came from is still in
there -- there doesn't seem to be a 4-engined airliner around any more
that's about the P-3's size.

All planes in the P-3's weight class (~ 65 tonnes) are twins, and the
Avro RJ115, the only new quad in the book smaller than the A340, is way
too small.

I'm assuming such a plane would need four engines for safety during long
patrols at sea, not merely because the P-3 has four engines. Is this

Here's a wild idea: how about a four engined 737-600? Who makes
turbofans in the 10-12,000lb class needed to replace half of a CFM56?

Neil Gerace
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