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Date:         18 Apr 98 00:49:13 
From:         "J. David Dishman" <>
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Tony Paton wrote in message ...
>Beech state that the stabilons and tailets on the 1900d eliminate the
>the need for a stability augmentation system. Can someone explain what
>a SAS is?

A SAS is basically a way of improving the flying qualities of an airplane.
It senses rates of pitch/roll/yaw and uses other info like a/c config
(flaps/slats/gear), airspeed, altitude, Mach, etc., and makes control
inputs. An extreme SAS is fly-by-wire where the pilot inputs go into a
computer and are combined with all the other stuff above and the computer
commands the control surfaces to move. The F-16 and A320 are a couple planes
that are fly-by-wire. Any plane with a yaw-damper has a SAS.