Re: Geared turbofans

Date:         11 Apr 98 02:16:41 
From:         "Low Rider" <>
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Damon Rinard wrote in message ...
>[Re: PW8000 geared turbofan]
>>What worries me is the diameter of the fan --- surely it would be so
>>great as to preclude it from installation on, for instance, B737 ?
>I understand P&W are using re-cambered PW4000 fan blades to help develop the
>blades for the new engine. Don't know if they will make the hub the same

So far as I've hear, the GTF's Fan has not been finalized.  It may or may
not have hollow fan blades...  As an aside, how would one recamber a
shrouded blade?

Also:  I'll be willing to bet it WILL fit the 737...  it's too big a market
to pass up...  they couldn't make that mistake a THIRD time