Re: Acceleration of a 747

Date:         11 Apr 98 02:16:39 
From: (JWizardC)
Organization: AOL
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>Can someone tell me how great ist the acceleration of a 747 or an other
>300-400 passengers aircraft. And at which speed the aircraft lift up.

I can't give acceleration in 'G's or a specific value, but the simple
answer is this: All commercial aircraft are certified to be able to
accelerate to takeoff speed -> and decelerate to a stop <- within the
confines of the runway. Each runway is analysed by the manufacturer,
operator (airline), and the regulating agency (FAA, CAA, etc. The
takeoff weight of the airplane is determined by the airplane basic
performance, the slope (uphill or downhill) of the runway, the
temperature, wind, etc.

Basically, a rule of thumb is almost every commercial airplane you see
has a takeoff and landing speed of between 120 and 170 nautical miles
per hour.

Just my opinion...