Re: Acceleration of a 747

Date:         11 Apr 98 02:16:37 
From:         Martin Chiew <>
Organization: Martin Chiew & Associates
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Andreas Contes wrote:
> Can someone tell me how great ist the acceleration of a 747 or an other
> 300-400 passengers aircraft. And at which speed the aircraft lift up.
> Sorry for my english...i am german.

HI, no sorry Guten Tag, my name is Justin Chiew.  I'm learning Deutsch, so
here's a good chance to practise.  In response to your question, the
747-400 can lift off at MTOW - Maximum Takeoff Weight, that is 396,800
kilograms, in 3400 metres, acheving a rotation speed of 171 knots (for
Qantas).  But I think British Airways and most other airlines rotate at 167
knots.  1 Knot is 1.81 kilometres, I think.  Just for comparision, at MLW,
Maximum Landing Weight, which I think is 267,000 kilograms the 747-400 can
takeoff in 1800 metres.  The Airbus A340-300 at MTOW can lift off in about
3000 metres.  I think up to 70 knots, the 747 accelerates at about 4 knots
a second, then as it becomes faster, like at around 160 knots, it
accelerates 1 knot a second, or around that.

Airbus is better than Boeing!


Justin Chiew
Melbourne, Australia