Re: Cordless Phones On 110-140 Mhz

Date:         11 Apr 98 02:16:36 
From: (Bob Coggeshall)
Organization: Cogwheel, Inc.
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On 02 Apr 98 01:24:07 , (Lloyd Kubis) wrote:

>I have seen cordless phones for sale in electronics shops in Singapore
>that are marked as operating on 110-140 Mhz complete with 50 and 100 watt
>amplifiers for increased range. Would these units not cause interference
>to aircraft navigation systems which I believe operate in the 108-118 Mhz
>band? Apparently these are made in Taiwan or in China by Taiwanese companies.

Two words: 'water goods'. At least that's what they are called in HK.
Amplifying handhelds to 50 and 100watts in the VHF range, certainly in
a consumer product, is just not done. And the other markings, because
they cover the air band *has* to be wrong.

At least this is how my western mind would keep from being betrayed :)

I would wager reasonable money if you bench tested this radio it would
neither xmit in that range or power

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