Re: Cordless Phones On 110-140 Mhz

Date:         11 Apr 98 02:16:35 
From: (Gun One)
Organization: Pierce Aero
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In article <airliners.1998.582@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Lloyd Kubis) writes:
> I have seen cordless phones for sale in electronics shops in Singapore
> that are marked as operating on 110-140 Mhz complete with 50 and 100 watt
> amplifiers for increased range. Would these units not cause interference
> to aircraft navigation systems which I believe operate in the 108-118 Mhz
> band? Apparently these are made in Taiwan or in China by Taiwanese companies.

ANY oscillator has the potential to interfere with the sensitive antenna
runs of an airliner.  There are IFs and superheterodyning in the
circuits that transmit many more frequencies than simply those to which
the antenna is tuned.  Harmonics may also play a factor.

The rules against using electronic equipment in airborne aircraft are
good ones.

Gun One