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Date:         11 Apr 98 02:16:30 
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  or MIME structure (H Andrew Chuang) wrote:
> Historically, shortened planes have never sold well (the A330-200 may be
> an exception).  Just look at the B737.  The B737-100 had a terrible
> sales record.

Minor nit: the 737-100 was not a "shortened plane." Rather, every other 737
version was a lengthened version.

> Similarly, only about 400 of nearly 2,000
> second-generation B737s ordered are for the shortest B737-500.

It's interesting to note that the lengthened 737-400 hasn't sold that well
either. Another example of an unsuccessful shrink would be the MD-87.

>  Also, the
> B737-600 is not doing well.  It is commonly known that SAS's 41 -600s
> (nearly half of the -600 ordered) was heavily discounted.  (Ironically,
> it was the SAS -600 order that practically took away any credibility of
> the MD-95 program for which SAS was originally anticipated to be the
> launch customer.  Now, Boeing has to rebuild the credibility of the
> MD95/B717 program.)

It is indeed ironic. I wonder if SAS would now like to switch back to
the 717? it is well known that they preferred the MD-95 and would have
it ordered it had it not been for their lack of faith in Douglas'
long-term prospects and Boeing's very large discounts on the 737-600.

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