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Date:         11 Apr 98 02:16:23 
From: (Malcolm Weir)
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On 02 Apr 98 01:23:49 , Ken Stoorza <> caused to appear as if it
was written:

>rafal d filipczyk wrote:
>> I've just read an article ( on
>> Tupolev's supersonic passenger jet Tu-144LL. It looks
>> that the design produced very good preliminary results.
>Isn't this the same a/c that has been around since the late 60's/early

Yes.  It's the Concordski...

> If so, I recall that the passenger routes were abandoned (late
>70's?) because the thing had a real penchant for consuming *lots* of

Unlike it's western counterpart (Concorde), the TU-144 had a marketing
problem: in a communist country, who's going to pay premium fares for
faster travel?

>I believe it was then used for mail flights until that was also
>halted due to economics (read:  fuel) in the late 80's.

The mail flights thing was pure political grandstanding: the Soviet Union
didn't want to admit that the thing was a bit of an operational failure.
What piece of mail cares if it takes 9 hours instead 4 to fly from A to B?

>I would guess it's the same a/c fitted with new engines.

New-er engines.  Still basically 1970's technology.

Personally, I think its all a ruse to allow Boeing to put their name on a
supersonic airliner!  (Boeing's name really is on the side of the