Re: Tu-144LL

Date:         11 Apr 98 02:16:22 
From:         David Jones <>
Organization: Barnsley College
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Ken Stoorza wrote:
> rafal d filipczyk wrote:
> > I've just read an article ( on
> > Tupolev's supersonic passenger jet Tu-144LL. It looks
> > that the design produced very good preliminary results.
> Isn't this the same a/c that has been around since the late 60's/early
> 70's? If so, I recall that the passenger routes were abandoned (late
> 70's?) because the thing had a real penchant for consuming *lots* of
> fuel. I believe it was then used for mail flights until that was also
> halted due to economics (read:  fuel) in the late 80's.

It was the product of industrial espionage on the part of the Soviets
(spying on the Anglo-French Concorde project) and was effectively
withdrawn when one example crashed at the 1973 Paris Air Show, killing
the crew and several French villagers; ironically the French and Soviet
authorities colluded in a cover up, the French because it was one of
their Mirage jets that caused the crash, and the Soviets because the 144
suffered structural failure during its evasive manoeuvering.

It's also ironic in that the US played a large part in killing Concorde
as a world player, only to jump into bed with the Russian government 20
years later. Or am I being bitter?