Re: Gear Down on Descent

Date:         02 Apr 98 01:24:04 
From: (STeveC01e)
Organization: AOL
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  or MIME structure (AHL NHL) said:

>I live approximately 25-30 miles from PIT . . .
> What strikes me funny is that they're always in a gear down
>BTW, said planes are always trimmed up for level flight

  That does seem odd.  Around here, they are on final approach and usually are
configured with  flaps extended, at least partially.    You would have to check
the Flight Manual for procedure.

   The two reasons to wait for gear extension are:
[A]  Airspeed limitations on gear extension and retraction.   Lower airspeed
also usually translates to lower altitude.
For example, the DC10 cannot extend gear at airspeed above 260.
[B]  Higher fuel consumption.  Why cruise at configuration / altitude to
conserve fuel and then drop gear only to increase your cost per passenger?

Steve C~