Re: Boeing 777 Cabin Door

Date:         02 Apr 98 01:24:01 
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>> > An interesting sidebar to the 777 door. It seems that failing hydraulics
>> > in jetways is not that uncommon of an occurance.  When it happens, the
>> > jetway sags down to the ground, and it can peel the door right off an
>> > airplane in the process.

I was once exiting a NWA DC-9 in Boston, and the Jetway rose 2-3
feet.   I stepped off just as it happened, and my buddy just behind
me was still in the doorway.

The cabin-door was bent "L" shaped,  about 1/3 of the way up.   A few
people already in the Jetway lost their balance, from the quick

The scuttle-butt was that some sort of auto-leveler wasn't engaged.