Re: BA B777 Engine Blows

Date:         02 Apr 98 01:23:57 
From: (James Matthew Weber)
Organization: Customer of Access One Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia
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On 29 Mar 98 23:09:32 , Dell Farnan <> wrote:
>can any body coment on wether this engine failure would effect any
>certifications that the 777 may have such as ETOPS. My understanding is
>that boeing and (with either either pratt or GE turbines) got an early
>ETOPS on the grounds of testing data and development flight. If this is
>the case could such a failure jeopordize this! Unless I am mistaken the
>777 has not been in serveice too long and in terms of accidents/incidents
>per flight hour it may be pretty high!
>I also recoginize that 1 incident per X hours appears higher if the
>incident occurs at an early hour in the X number!

If there was evidence that there was a design problem with the engine,
it would impact ETOPS. Cathay ended up ceasing ETOPS operation (and in
fact grounding their A330's) after a series of incidents with the
Trents that were clearly design related.

The problem with the GE90 has been identified by various sources as a
on  of assembly error in the engine.