Re: Request for help: Bristol 170 family

Date:         30 Mar 98 04:31:34 
From: (Emilio P. Calius)
Organization: Industrial Research Ltd
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In article <airliners.1998.455@ohare.Chicago.COM>, "Martin Hoddinott"
<> wrote:

> Mats Jönsson <> wrote in article
> > Does anyone remember the Bristol 170 Freighter
> I believe they were also used in New Zealand to ferry between North
> and South islands.

Yes, I've heard that there are a couple still around, including one
being used as a restaurant.

They were also used in Argentina by the Air Force (FAA) many years ago.
There is (or used to be) one in the museum at Buenos Aires' Aeroparque

It was before my time, but a friend's father told me that the one trip he
had in one as a passenger was the flight he remembered best - it was the
most uncomfortable one he ever had. Of course he rode in a cargo carrier
which had practically no passenger amenities, but he vividly recalls it
as being cold, drafty, cold, very noisy, cold, slow, vibrating, freezing cold...
It really made him appreciate the later Fokker F-27's and even C-47's,
which were older than the Bristol!