Re: Boeing 777 Cabin Door

Date:         30 Mar 98 04:31:23 
From: (D.M. Procida)
Organization: Posted through the Joint Cardiff Computing Service, Wales, UK
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C. Marin Faure <> wrote:

> Our design was put to the test ... an airport technician accidentally cut
> the hydraulic pressure to the jetway.  It started to sink down on its
> wheels and in the process neatly peeled the forward door right off the
> 777.  But the shear mechanism worked as designed; the door ripped off and
> fell onto a baggage cart down below, but there was no damage at all to the
> door frame, skins, or surrounding airplane structure.

Isn't this potentially dangerous, given that there are likely to be all
kinds of people wandering around down below? What are the insurance
implications of designing part of an aircraft so that it might fall off
in such a fashion? On the other hand, it's not easy to see what is to be
done about it. After all, a different design of door might damage a
large part of the fuselage and *then* break off and fall onto the