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Date:         30 Mar 98 04:31:11 
From:         "Mihir Shah" <>
Organization: Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia
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Bill Hough wrote in message ...

>2. After CAAC was broken up into Air China, China Eastern, China
>Southern, China Braniff, et. al., most (all) transpacific service was
>flown by Beijing-based Air China. Now, China Eastern, China Southern
>have joined Air China over the Pacific. What's the breakdown on these
>three airlines' transpacific service?

My understanding is that Air China's main hub is at Beijing, China Eastern's
is at Shanghai, and China Southern's is at Guangzhou (a.k.a. Canton).  Air
China's rather outdated and hard-to-read route map on their web site shows,
I believe:

SFO-Beijing (PEK)

It appears that the first two routes have been taken over by China Eastern,
with SFO-PEK flown twice weekly and LAX-PEK flown daily.  Both these routes
continue onto Shanghai (SHA), which is China Eastern's hub as mentioned
above.  They are flown using MD-11's.  It appears that the JFK route may
have been axed, but I'm not 100% sure on this.  So as of now, I can't seem
to find any transpacific passenger routes flown by Air China itself,
although I find this somewhat hard to believe.  I do know that Air China
still operated cargo service to the West Coast.  Hopefully someone will
clear me up on this whole situation...

China Eastern, at one point, also flew LAX-SHA non-stop, according to their
also-outdated web site's route map.  PEK-SEA and SHA-SEA are also shown, and
at least one of these routes (not sure which one or if it's both) continue
onto ORD.  However, the web site's own flight schedule only shows the
aforementioned daily LAX-PEK-SHA flight and twice-weekly SFO-PEK-SHA flight.

China Southern's only service is their recently-started thrice-weekly
LAX-Guanzhou (CAN) service, flown using 777's.

Mihir Shah