Re: TWA 800 in NYRB

Date:         30 Mar 98 04:31:08 
From: (David Tyler)
Organization: Air Force Phillips Lab.
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John Bay <70302.2311@CompuServe.COM> writes:

>...Some of the scenarios she discusses seem far
>fetched to me.  Nevertheless, it must be said that she seems to
>have done her homework, and her conclusions are suitably
>restrained - mainly that "the subject of electromagnetic
>interference should be made part of the TWA 800 inquiry".

i'd have thought the metal fuselage of an airliner would be pretty
effective shielding for emi...  i admit that emergency procdures
for usaf aircraft in the vicinity of a nulear detonation involve
resetting circuit breakers, and it's clear that emi can couple to
the aircraft interior through seams and cracks of the proper size,
but this ``theory" seems as lame as all the others involving the
us military.

one _really_ good question seldom considered in this little ex-
changes is _why_ the military (whatever branch) would be testing
live weapons (of whatever kind-- missiles, directed energy, what-
ever) in some of the world's most crowded airspace when they have
lots and lots of other isolated places (e.g., area 57, much of the
american west, the high seas) to do it..?

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