Re: PW 8000 engines for 737/320

Date:         30 Mar 98 04:31:06 
From: (H Andrew Chuang)
Organization: Concentric Internet Services
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In article <airliners.1998.511@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
Burkhard Domke <domk1031@cetus.zrz.TU-Berlin.DE> wrote:
>On 24 Mar 98 11:38:33 , Marc Schaeffer
><> wrote:
>>Burkhard Domke wrote:
>>> AFAIK, the PW8000 won't fit the 737 anyway, as the fan diameter is too
>>> large.
>>As the target for the PW8000 is the 320 and 737 I doubt that they are that
>>dumb to exclude 50% of the market from the start.
>Fan diameters:
>CFM56-3B/C	60 in.	(B737-3/4/500)
>CFM56-7	61 in.	(B737-6/7/8/900)
>PW8000	76-79 in.
>So you tell me about ground and bank angle clearance of a conceived
>PW8000/B737 combination. And don't forget the enhanced FOD risk
>stemming from an airflow of about 1369 lbs/sec for the PW8000,
>compared to about half (!) as much for the CFM56.
>And since a smaller core is hardly feasible, you can't go far below
>those 76 inches in fan diameter while maintaining an 11:1 by-pass

I believe in one of the articles on the PW8000, a Pratt official did
say if the PW8000 is to be put on the B737, Boeing will need to
redesign the landing gears to accommodate the larger fan.

>Anyway, the B737s would only fit the extreme lower edge of the 25,000
>to 35,000 lbs. thrust spectrum stated for the PW8000.
>The "conventional" 56 inch dia fanned PW6000 (15,000 to 23,000 lbs
>SLST) seems to be more suitable for the B737 (except -8/900), doesn't

The PW6000 has been proposed for much smaller planes: the AE31X, the
Indonesian jet (IPTN 2130?), and the latest entry in the potentially
very crowded 100-seat market, the A319M5.  The PW6000 may be appropriate
for the B737-600 and marginal for the -700, but definitely underpower
for the -800 and -900.  The majority of the B737 will be in the -700 and
-800 segments.  Thus, I don't think the PW6000 is a suitable powerplant.
Anyway, P&W will have to first demonstrate that the PW8000 can achieve
its promised potential on the "next genration" A320, then P&W will be able
to force Boeing to abandon its exclusive agreement with CFMI, and develop
a fourth-generation B737.