Re: BA B777 Engine Blows

Date:         29 Mar 98 23:09:33 
From: (Malcolm Weir)
Organization: Little to None
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On 24 Mar 98 11:38:30 , (Mike Mitchell) caused to appear as if it was written:
>In article <airliners.1998.463@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (Iain Stuart) wrote:
>> Anyone got any info on the uncontained GE90 event on a BA B777 ?
>> I'm surprise that it's made so little headlines, especially with >the
>>runway  at Heathrow being closed due to it.
> There was a brief question & reply on sci.aeronautics.airliners in the
>week. It apparently happened early in the takeoff roll and bits of fan
>were found on the runway. I think we would have heard a lot more if it
>had been a RR!

One, rather important point:

The failure was NOT uncontained in the normal use of the term.  Bits of fan
fell out the back of the engine (as it were), but the shroud protecting the
aircraft was not breached.

In other words, the engine was a mess, but the aircraft was unscathed...

A true uncontained failure results in consequences like the DC-10 at Sioux
City or the Delta MD-80 in Florida a year or so ago...