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Date:         28 Mar 98 14:21:46 
From:         "O'NEEL Bruce" <>
Organization: University of Geneva
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kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) writes:
> If true, that's pretty impressive, but most of those planes are too new
> to have seen their first D check, which will put them on the ground for
> a big chunk of time.

That brings up an interesting question, how do airlines schedule big
maintenance events such as D checks?  To use an example, I watch
SR110/SR111 arrive at Geneva around 9am and leave around 1230pm each
day to and from New York for about 3 hrs on the ground.  I seem to
remember that it's on the ground at NY for about the same length of
time.  Assuming that SwissAir doesn't have a spare MD11 sitting
around, what happens if this plane needs maintenance.  Is SR110/111
canceled?  Do the lease a plane for a week?



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