Re: Boeing 777 Wriggle

Date:         28 Mar 98 14:21:42 
From: (Louis A. Ramsay)
Organization: Netcom
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In <airliners.1998.486@ohare.Chicago.COM> writes:
>I remember reading on this group at least a year or so ago about a
>problem Boeings 777s were having: it seems that when seated in the
>back of the plane that there was a perceptable side-to-side wiggle, of
>On a recent trip, I was in the last row and, let me tell you, they
>haven't fixed the wiggle problem.
>It lasted the entire flight. It basically felt like you were being
>shaken side to side every second for five hours.

     One of my older pilot-acquaintances said they had a problem with
the early 707's in that the tail of the plane would rock side-to-side
while at cruise; wasn't what you could consider a "shake", just a
"drift" left than right that kept repeating itself.  Installation of a
dorsal fin from under the rear passenger door to just about the rear of
the fuselage tamed down these oscillations.  Guess there just wasn't
enough vertical stabilizer area in the early model.