Re: Boeing 777 Wriggle

Date:         28 Mar 98 14:21:41 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
Organization: Chicago Software Works, Menlo Park, California
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>Incidentally, although that 777 was brand new at the time, the interior
>of the plane looked "worn out."

It probably wasn't "brand new" -- you mentioned Chicago so it's a good
bet you were on United, and some of their 777s have been in service for
nearly three years now.  I was on their fourth one last week and it was
definitely looking worn.

>Finally, why not two jet-ways to exit such a big plane?  Half of humanity
>had to walk through the same exit door.

United has some gates where they use both doors 1L and 2L, but many
gates don't have two jetways available, and some that do have them at
fixed positions that are tied to the 747.  At Chicago, United uses at
least five gates for 777s (B16, B17, C10, C16, C18) and of those, only
the last two have two jetways.

A bigger problem is that United generally uses door 2L for boarding (if
they're only using 1) but blocks the galley so there's no good way to
get to the right aisle.  The last time I encountered that, they kind of
waved me towards coach and told me to climb across the seats there!
They could probably gain nearly as much from intelligently using both
aisles as they could from using two jetways.

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