Re: Boeing 777 Wriggle

Date:         28 Mar 98 14:21:39 
From: (James Matthew Weber)
Organization: Customer of Access One Pty Ltd, Melbourne, Australia
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On 24 Mar 98 11:38:39 , wrote:
>I remember reading on this group at least a year or so ago about a problem
>Boeings 777s were having: it seems that when seated in the back of the plane
>that there was a perceptable side-to-side wiggle, of sorts.
>If my memory serves me correctly, several posters said this problem was fixed.
>I don't think so. I've taken a dozen or so transatlantic legs on UA's 777 in
>the last few years and have never noticed the wiggle. However, I've never sat
>further back than the trailing edge of the wing. On a recent trip, I was in
>the last row and, let me tell you, they haven't fixed the wiggle problem.
>It lasted the entire flight. It basically felt like you were being shaken side
>to side every second for five hours.

This is usually an autopilot problem. D10's had a really bad Dutch
roll problem in the early days. There wasn't a problem up front, but
the ride in all the way back was really bad!!

 The reason airlines put lounges in the back of D10's originally is
anyone who had to sit back there for a few hours was almost guaranteed
to be made ill. The problem was eventually fixed (it took years), and
the lounges promptly disappeared after that.

As the manufacturer sorts out the fine points of the flight control
and autopilot software, the problem will probably go away.