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Date:         28 Mar 98 14:21:35 
From:         Bill Hough <>
Organization: IBM.NET
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After reading Brian Lusk's article in Airways, I have some questions:

1. American started SJC-NRT service w/DC-10-30s and couldn't make Tokyo
nonstop, account runway length. Now, of course, SJC extended the runway
and AA switched to MD-11s. What I can't remember is if the MD-11 could
do it on the old 30L-12R runway length, or if BOTH runway extension and
aircraft upgrade were required.

2. After CAAC was broken up into Air China, China Eastern, China
Southern, China Braniff, et. al., most (all) transpacific service was
flown by Beijing-based Air China. Now, China Eastern, China Southern
have joined Air China over the Pacific. What's the breakdown on these
three airlines' transpacific service?

3. American is operating SEA-NRT, which Allegis was forced to give up
after they bought PA's pacific division. Did the route pass directly
from UA to AA, or did a third airline (CO) fly the route for a while?

Finally, for those who havn't seen 5/98 Airways yet, there's a photo of
a Qantas 707-138 wearing a 40th Anniversary logo on the tail. (didn't
know about that!!) Although the background is nondescript, I'm told on
good authority that the photo was taken at IDL. re: photo above
Qantas-anyone care to guess what the angular protrusion behind the nose
of the PA 707 is? (no I don't know)

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