TWA 800 in NYRB

Date:         24 Mar 98 11:38:53 
From:         John Bay <70302.2311@CompuServe.COM>
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The April 9 issue of the New York Review of Books contains an
article on the TWA 800 disaster by a Harvard professor named
Elaine Scarry, who sets forth the possibility that the U.S.
military downed the plane not with a missile but with High
Intensity Radiated Fields (HIRFs).  Scarry, whose field is
something called "Aesthetics and the General Theory of Value", is
not technically qualified to form any firm conclusions about this,
and allows as much.  Some of the scenarios she discusses seem far
fetched to me.  Nevertheless, it must be said that she seems to
have done her homework, and her conclusions are suitably
restrained - mainly that "the subject of electromagnetic
interference should be made part of the TWA 800 inquiry".

John Bay