Commercial go-ahead for B744IGW

Date:         05 Jan 98 23:41:32 
From:         Marc Schaeffer <>
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Just read this in the Seattle times :

Boeing's board of directors has given its commercial airplane group the
go-ahead to offer a new version of the 747-400 jumbo jet that could fly
farther than conventional models. The heavier new model is sought by
Qantas of Australia because it would allow the airline to stretch
several of its main routes. [[ Which routes ?]] The model is known as
the 747-400IGW (increased gross weight). Qantas has asked Boeing to
build three new jumbo jets to the increased weight specifications. If
enough other carriers also order, the model could be delivered in late
2000, Boeing officials said. (Copyright Seattle Times) END ITEM

Now this is a good one QF ordered - firm no LOI - the 744IGW before the
a/c was even commercially launched. What will happen if this bird will
get no industrial go ahead (like the 745/746/77X). Even if this is very
unlikely, since other airlines are interested in the 744IGW, there is
always a possibility. I read - don't remember where - that Boeing may
also deliver the QF birds with only the 744F wings and proceed later
with the other upgrades. Not a very cheap approach.

Other question is there any chance to see the 777 cockpit in this
upgraded bird ?

My opinions,
Marc Schaeffer, Luxembourg //
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