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Date:         24 Mar 98 11:38:47 
Organization: TotalNet Inc.
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> > I am told that at any one time two thirds of the world's civil aircraft are
> > in the air, and that this is necessary as there is not room for all of them
> > on the ground. Is this so? If it is, it will be interesting if all airline
> > companies decide not to have any of their planes in the air on the night of
> > 31 December 1999! But please tell me if you are aware of the truth of this.

There are two angles to this question:

1) Is there enough hangar space? The answer is probably NO. Hangars that
always seem to be empty during the day are usually full of aircraft
overnight for maintenance and minor repairs.

2) Is there enough space, period? Probably. At any given time, 61,000
people are airborne in the US. That represents maybe 400 planes (given
that some are beech 1900s and some are 747-400s). Would we be able to
park 400 aircraft on all the apron space at airports, as well as grave
yards in AZ and the like?

This whole year 2000 question is interesting. I admit I would not be
comfortable flying into a third world airport (then again, they may rely
much less on computers than the west, making them no safer/less safe
than otherwise). But is there any indication that ATC at North American
/ European airports won't be ready?