Re: Interesting United 928 channel 9 conversation

Date:         24 Mar 98 11:38:40 
From:         Ian Judge <>
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In article <airliners.1998.462@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Mike <> writes
>Anyway what happened after was that the engine had to be started and a
>leak test done...which was negative I guess the engine just
>likes oil. But the crew of the aircraft were totally unaware that
>maintenance carried out these checks or indeed that they were capable
>of it.

What they are tracking is the consumption of oil over time. The amount
of oil burnt along with analysis of deposits found on the chip detectors
gives an indication of the engine health. Also the flight crew have to
fill in an engine monitor which tracks speeds and temps as well.

However my faith in the chemists art was knocked down a couple of
notches recently when a hydraulic fluid sample couldn't be tested
because it was "too dirty" - we had found slivers of metal in a filter
bowl during a routine change and wanted to know if something in the
system was breaking up. In the end we just followed the MM and changed
the pump.

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