Re: BA B777 Engine Blows

Date:         24 Mar 98 11:38:32 
From: (John Liebson)
Organization: The Santa Fe Institute
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Iain Stuart <> wrote:

>Anyone got any info on the uncontained GE90 event on a BA B777 ?
>I'm surprise that it's made so little headlines, especially with runway at
>Heathrow being closed due to it.

IF you are referring to an incident that happened at London Heathrow
12March98, then, according to _The Wall Street Journal_  (WSJ) for
20March98, this was rather a "non-event event":

The WSJ article states that a 777, departing for Boston Logan, shut
down one engine at the point that the aircraft had attained a speed of
approximately 85 mph in the takeoff run, the aircraft was taxied back
to the gate, emergency chutes were not deployed, etc.

A GE Aircraft Engines spokesman in Cincinnati is said to have
commented that the problem was in a low-pressure stage of the engine,
and a BA spokesman said that BA and GE had jointly determined that the
problem was only in the engine that had the problem, resulting from an
improperly-assembled fixed blade, with other engines in the same
manufacturing batch being okay.