Re: BA B777 Engine Blows

Date:         24 Mar 98 11:38:31 
From: (Roger Chung-Wee)
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On 21 Mar 98 16:31:26 , Iain Stuart <> wrote:
>Anyone got any info on the uncontained GE90 event on a BA B777 ?
>I'm surprise that it's made so little headlines, especially with runway at
>Heathrow being closed due to it.

The event took place on 12 March at 1930 on runway 27L.  The
777-200IGW with 230 people bound for Boston had reached a take-off
speed of more than 90mph when the turbine in the No 1 engine caused an
explosion that was heard around LHR.  The pilot brought the plane to a
halt and taxied back to the gate.  No casualties were reported.
Airport crews cleared the debris and the runway was fully operational
by 2100.

The problem was caused by a manufacturing fault - a misassembled
vane in the rear of the engine.  When the engine was developing near
maximum take-off thrust, one of the fixed vanes, which directs hot
gases through the engine, caught against the low pressure turbine as
it rotated at high speed.  Blades on the turbine were immediately
ripped off and blown out of the back of the engine.

BA said that it had completed inspecting and clearing all engines from
the same batch as the failed engines by 20 March.

This isn't the first problem that BA has had with its GE90 engines.
First there was a year-long delay in the plane entering service caused
by the GE90's failure to pass a standard test for withstanding flying
into a flock of birds. Then last year BA had to check its 777 fleet
because of cracks in fan blade seals.  Also, -200IGWs were withdrawn
for a while from long range flights by BA because of excessive wear in
gearbox bearings.