Re: A320 emergency procedure

Date:         24 Mar 98 11:38:29 
From: (Daniel Wilder)
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On 21 Mar 98 16:31:24 , Robert Kochersberger <> wrote:
>The last time I rode in the cockpit of a Lufthansa Airbus 321 (earlier
>this week), the pilot told me he'd just done simulator practice on
>landing the plane after a complete failure of the fly-by-wire system. He
>said the plane can be landed using only rudders and elevator trim, but
>it's a very challenging exercise. Any Airbus pilots out there who can
>comment on how it's done?

With great difficulty.

Did he tell you whether he was successful? I've only seen one person
manage a mechanical backup landing, and that was in VMC with no wind.
Its sole use (at least this is what it says in the FCOMs) is to keep
the aircraft in flight following temporary  complete loss of
electrical power.  The key word being temporary. Airbus reckons that
you'll always be able to bring back enough systems using the RAT to
maintain at least direct law.

Basically, the pitch trim wheel is linked mechanically  to the
horizontal stabiliser for pitch control, and you get a degree of yaw
from the mechanical link from the rudder pedals to the rudder.


Daniel Wilder