Re: A320 emergency procedure

Date:         24 Mar 98 11:38:27 
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On 21 Mar 98 16:31:24 , Robert Kochersberger <>

>The last time I rode in the cockpit of a Lufthansa Airbus 321 (earlier
>this week), the pilot told me he'd just done simulator practice on
>landing the plane after a complete failure of the fly-by-wire system. He
>said the plane can be landed using only rudders and elevator trim, but
>it's a very challenging exercise. Any Airbus pilots out there who can
>comment on how it's done?


I'm a A320 FO and participated in the exercise several times.

Initially, I thought the plane would be unflyable but that is not the
case. Once the fly-by-wire system degardes to this mode, then the
first thing one must do is to disconnect the autothrust as it would
cause uncontrollable oscillations due to thrust-pitch coupling.

Then, you have three control sources: rudder, pitch trim and thrust.

Once the plane is trimmed for straight and level flight ( constant
thrust ) then gentle inputs on the rudder will enable you to steer a
course, say on an ILS. Once established on the LOC, you can then take
gear and flaps keeping power constant, but trimming up to establish a
700fpm rod. Now , thrust comes in as well. you can make small
adjustments for pitch up or pitch down ( more thrust, less thrust).

If you've done everything right, you'll come on the runway, but you
have no way to flare. Add a little thrust at 30ft and the PNF will
downtrim immediately on runway contact.

It's easier said than done, however.

Having said that, our instructor demonsatrated a complete fbw and
hydraulic failure leaving us with no flying control. He still managed
to land the plane using thrust control only!!!