Re: A320 emergency procedure

Date:         24 Mar 98 11:38:26 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>For roll:  engine thust disymetry.

Which also has an effect in both other axes.  Yaw is in fact what
you're producing from the asymetric thrust, not roll, but the yaw
leads to one wing generating more lift than the other, producing the
desired roll.  Pitch is also affected since the engines are below
the centerline and thus any change in thrust will have a pitch
effect.  Is the yaw damper still effective in Direct Law?  Without
it, and with the other controls largely crippled, I'd expect you'd
end up fighting an uphill battle with Dutch Roll and phugoid
oscillations, just like UA 232 (the DC-10 that lost hydraulics and
crash landed at Sioux City).

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